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Why is Modern Art so Bad?

“Mona Lisa,” “Peta,” “The Girl With Pearl Earrings.” For decades, artists have enriched Western society with their works of astonishing beauty. Night patrol The Thinker “Rocky mountains” Artist after artist, from Leonardo to Rumbarndt and Berstadt. They produced works that inspired, elevated and deepened us. They achieve this by requiring themselves to achieve the highest standards of proficiency and develop their businesses by adoption Glorious in the previous generation and aspiring to achieve the highest possible level of quality But a change occurred in the twentieth century. He replaced profound and inspiring art And the beautiful, different and hideous new art Today, modern art is dominated by what is absurd, pointless, and offensive Michelangelo carved the statue “David” from a rock while the Los Angeles Museum of Art displays a rock a rock! It weighs 340 tons! In this way the standards descended How did this happen? How Thousands of Years Have Lived to Perfection and Artistic Excellence To perish It did not disappear, but it was pushed Starting at the end of the century, a group called the term ” “Impressionists” against the French Academy de Baix And its requirements for classic standards.

Whatever their intentions. The owners of the regenerative thought planted the seeds of aesthetic relativism The idea of  “beauty in the eye of the beholder” Today, everyone loves impressionism As with most revolutions, the first generation produced works that retained essential features Like: Monet, Renoir, and Degas who have kept items Discipline in design and execution But standards are declining with each generation until they no longer exist All that remains is personal expression Jacob Rosenberg, a great artist and historian, stated, “The quality of art is not a matter of personal opinion Rather, to a high degree, art must be objectively investigable. ” The idea of  global standards of art quality is met with fierce opposition If not outright irony “How can art be objectively inquisitive?” former produced the painting “The Birth of Venus” and the statue of “The Deceased Galatia” while The later produced a painting “The Sanctity of the Virgin Mary” decorated with cow dung and pornographic pictures Petra is the winning statue of a policewoman With a pool of artificial urine Without aesthetic standards, we cannot define quality or an inferiority complex Here, a test I take to my graduate students, all students are creative and literate Analyze the following Jackson Pollock board and explain why it is a good one After the students give their eloquent answers He told them that the painting is, in fact, a close-up of the studio apron I don’t blame them, I might do the same because Another challenge that is posed to him.

If we are intellectually honest We all know situations in which professional experts depend For example, the artistic excellence of an Olympic figure skater is judged by experts in the field. We will definitely block the contestant who throws himself a show on Snow demands that the matter be accepted and considered worthy of such Most of the trained skaters Not only was the quality of the art diminished, the subject matter descended from What is superior to what is litter. , And while the artists were applying their creativity to scenes from For the essence and complementarity of history, literature, religion, mythology … etc. Many artists these days use art to create an impression Usually nothing more than shocking values Ancient artists sometimes made impressions But it has never been at the expense of the visual excellence of their business This is not only the fault of the artists, but also the fault of those called them With the art community, museum presidents, gallery owners, and critics who encouraged and provided material support To produce this garbage.

They are the ones who championed and described “graffiti” With genius and encouraged filth as expressive. Actually they are Naked art masters, among others, could pay $ 10 million to buy a rock And as an art Why do we have to be a victim of lack of taste? We are not required to do this Through the art that we frequent in museums and collect in galleries, our opinions may not be Not only known but also felt. In the end, galleries are a business like any other No product will be manufactured that will not be sold. We can also support organizations like The Art Renewal Center that works to renew objective standards of the art world.

We can also support Teaching “appreciation of classical art” in our schools Let’s celebrate what is good and ignore what is not And by the way, the white background you see behind me is not simply a white background It is a whiteboard by artist Robert Roschenberg at the San Francisco Museum For modern art I’m Robert Florsuck from Prager University.

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