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Ch 17 The Modern Art Movement in America

Welcome to chapter 17, the modern art movement in America, the modern art movement did not have an easy start in the u.s. modernist European design did not gain a foothold until the 1930s, as his billboard. Photograph by Walter Evans shows graphic design Americas during the 1920s and 1930s was dominated by traditional illustration, […]

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Why is Modern Art so Bad?

“Mona Lisa,” “Peta,” “The Girl With Pearl Earrings.” For decades, artists have enriched Western society with their works of astonishing beauty. Night patrol The Thinker “Rocky mountains” Artist after artist, from Leonardo to Rumbarndt and Berstadt. They produced works that inspired, elevated and deepened us. They achieve this by requiring themselves to achieve the highest […]

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Introduction to Modern Art & Ideas

Traditionally modern art has been organized, separated and discussed in great length by time period and push. We wouldn’t be doing that. These videos will instead check out art by theme. Region& Spaces. Art& Identity. Transforming Everyday Objects. And Art& Society. I think that modern art can meet you where you’re and allows you to […]

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Why Modern Art Is So Expensive | So Expensive

Modern art is, expensive from perfectly white canvases to simple synopsi colours these seemingly basic exertions can provided free of charge: millions so what determines their price so high-pitched and how can they possibly be worth. This much money, Modern Art, is a wide field treat everything from around 1870 to 1970, but say modern […]

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