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Steve Martin on how to look at abstract art | MoMA BBC | THE WAY I SEE IT

Steve Martin Low on the right Framer Is that any better Steve Exactly the same as it was Steve Perfect, I think Paul Kobrak To start. Could you introduce yourselves-, Steve Hi to a British audience, Steve? Okay, uh! Let me think what would be a way to introduce myself to a Hi, its Steve Martin, Paul. All the guests were asked to choose one work of art from the collection Youve chosen, two Steve. Yes,

One painting is by Stanton Macdonald-Wright Theyre, both American paintings, and this was done in 1917, and the one over here is done by Morgan Russell done in 1922, Essentially minor things compared to everything else that hangs at MoMA. I thought gee. Those are those are so theyre, like lonely, And so I picked them, And these two artists, I believe, were both in Paris at the time.

And they started working on this completely abstract system of painting. They called it. Synchromism Ann, Yes, Steve, Which is with color. It means, And they come up with a fancy name for it, Ann Right, Steve As we all should. I dont generally care about theories. They kind of get in the way of looking at the picture, But I think the result of working from a theory can be fantastic, but it also could be done, maybe without the theory, but you dont need to know the theory. In order to appreciate the painting.

I really like to look at it And I can look at it a long time because theres a lot of different parts that succeed as a whole. I think of this as an intellectual painting, like a Lger Ann, Its the construction of the picture that hes interested in and that youre interested in right, Steve. I dont know, but I think so Sounds good Ann Sounds good Ann. When I look at this picture, theres a real sense, of- Steve, Do you want to sing Ann? Luckily, not, but lots of motion, lots of rhythm, Steve And theres a lot of depth.

It feels a little bit like sky. I dont think he intended that. I hate to say this, but now Im starting to see a landscape with mountains, sky and water. I believe pictures reveal themselves over time. You cant really get it in one. Lengthy, look!

You know its great to be able to live with a painting or visit a painting in a museum and go back and back and back, And the good ones really do keep on giving Its amazing A picture is stationary its immobile, and yet it changes for you. But Im just going to step back on this because my foots asleep

This is a stream. These are jutting rocks. This is a mountaintop thats, the sky, thats sort of cloudy Paul. Has it improved Steve? Absolutely for me, But now I see almost like a narrative story. I mean even the Morgan. Russell is very voluminous, its a floating object in a way, Ann Yeah, but I think if you came back on another day, youd see something different too Steve, Yeah, maybe Ann Right, That’s Steve! No, Im convinced This is a landscape painting. Nothing will ever change my mind. I had always assumed this picture was one thing and then sat here for an hour and looked at it and it changed..

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