sakura tree

Introduction to Modern Art & Ideas

Traditionally modern art has been organized, separated and discussed in great length by time period and push. We wouldn’t be doing that. These videos will instead check out art by theme. Region& Spaces. Art& Identity. Transforming Everyday Objects. And Art& Society. I think that modern art can meet you where you’re and allows you to […]

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orange mason jar in body of water


Art8 – Newquay Arts& Festival is now in plan for it’s 6th fete and it is set to be bigger and better for 2017. From photography to theatre, pottery to film, puppetry to bop, poetry to craft – and everything in between – Art8 hopes something for everybody. It’s a community festival that lookings to […]

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sandy coast and birds in cloudy day

DIY Dupe for $4,300 Artwork! + Home Decor Updates!

Music, hey guys what’s up it :’ s Raven welcome back to another dwelling decoration revise. If you have not been following this series, this is where I’m, making you guys along the part passage of affording my somewhat brand-new dwelling. I moved into this home last-place time and I’ve been working on furnishing doing […]

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