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Mary Heilmann: Abstract Painting | Art21 “Extended Play”

During the summer before last, I was going to work on the painting, “ Heaven” Jannah. The painting was a drawing without controls, Motion drawing not objective, I think, of the concepts of the modernist dimension of Abstract Expressionism, And I was reading Du Kooning’s biography How poor Du Kooning sat in a chair for years Trying to give birth to a good painting. While I was going to draw a semi-expressive painting, That is to say doing the exact same thing Looking at it, ( painting, )

Go poking around a bit Sit down And I was reading the book and thinking “ Cause a life for you, Du Kuning .”. Then I thought “, My God. It is difficult to achieve and down And then directly on the sides Covering brush traces. It is not a matter of excluding these effects, Just that the drawing is not expressive at all. Then. At a certain point, I put my strips of tape and I drew all over Where you have that very sharp thing and that thing Gesturing. They both walk at the same time.

This was a watershed moment. You have both. It connects in both directions. You get Albers and Du Kooning in the same plate.

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