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LEBO’s Post-Modern Art Shines at the Bradbury Art Museum

I never genuinely predicted anything like this growing up. I started selling decorates out of the back of my car and I wasn’t really embraced by the art institutions of Miami So to be able to have my work in a museum. It’S another part of that pyramid. I’M really excited to be here on a college campus demo my job. I grew up in a lot of libraries and neighbourhoods of public read. So to have my work be exhibited in one of these arranges means a lot 

I’Ve been fortunate to make a living as an creator in the commercial life of skill for many years so coming over and crossing over into the museum world balances both sets of things out and to me I wouldn’t want to do either one alone but being able To do both to me it’s a excellent poise. I educate classes in modern and contemporary art biography here at Arkansas State University. We’Re very excited to have Lebo here, I’m especially energized to accompanied my students to see the exhibit. I recollect his uses are very engaging terribly colorful. I’M specially excited about all the references I see to art history in his covers, everything from Picasso to the Venus of Willendorf. I anticipate my students will be very inspired by his employs. 

I started my artwork, probably around eight or nine years old, being attracted to comic strips, particularly in the newspaper, and I never would have imagined as a kid studying the comic strips tracing them at first and eventually proceeding them and coming up with my own personas that 30 -Some, odd years later, that I’d be here in a museum having my job have this path so far that would land it a target like this of higher learning, extremely when it started from such humble roots … 

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