Introduction to Modern Art & Ideas

Traditionally modern art has been organized, separated and discussed in great length by time period and push. We wouldn’t be doing that. These videos will instead check out art by theme. Region& Spaces. Art& Identity. Transforming Everyday Objects. And Art& Society. I think that modern art can meet you where you’re and allows you to figure with what you already know. It says, interestingly, the maximum amount about you or me because it does about the artist himself. There’s going to be drawings, there’s going to be these parties, there’s love, there’s death, there’s this guy, there’s this thing, there’s a chainsaw. This is why this museum, this is why this subject is so rich because there’s this diversity in it.

If you find a foothold and is starting, you’re never going to finish. It’s getting to be differently to seem at modern art. Suddenly, it opens up a greater dialogue about ties is not simply between works of art but to things we already know. It just gives people another record point to really engage with the powers that you’re seeing..

Why these all-white paintings are in museums and mine aren’t

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