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DIY Dupe for $4,300 Artwork! + Home Decor Updates!

Music, hey guys what’s up it :’ s Raven welcome back to another dwelling decoration revise. If you have not been following this series, this is where I’m, making you guys along the part passage of affording my somewhat brand-new dwelling. I moved into this home last-place time and I’ve been working on furnishing doing some DIY projects prescribing nonsense having some accidents redoing some stuff. There’s just been a lot along the way, and I only kind of wanted to tell you guys along for the tour, so here we are with another bout now. This occurrence starts on a bit of a sad note because we did have a catastrophe. So in the last episode I informed the committee that I said a really nice light up, LED crystal full length reflect for my wardrobe. It’s been a while, since I’ve testify my wardrobe actually alike. So I will place some footage here of kind of what it looks like and I had a spot on the wall where I just kind of had this old full section mirror. That came from many accommodations ago. Actually that came from my did. It come from way honestly, I’ve had that reflect for years. There’s nothing too, special about it, time a plateau lily-white reflect and with where the mirror starts. In my closet, it’s kind of a dark. The light doesn’t really radiance in the right direction and with my shoes lighting up behind me, it spawned it to where I couldn’t really watch myself when I was trying on clothes and that mirror. So I said you know what I can get a light up mirror, so I searched and scoured the internet using a full form light up mirror and there’s only a couple of options from what I participated, but I demanded one that was also gon na. Be cute and kind of matched the glam aesthetic, if you are able to of my wardrobe, so I knew this one on marks, egotism and I does in fact have a vanity like a regular tabletop kind of Hollywood vanity from them previously I got it years ago. I still have it, I still use it every time. I do my makeup desire it haven.’t had any problems with it. Didn’t have any problem with the shipping or the delivery, so I felt jolly confident also because it’s a highly like favourite, well known brand, that, like everyone, says, light up mirrors from so I went onward and placed in order for this very expensive. Full body diamond collection, crystal light up, mirror super elicited about it, waited you are familiar with a marry weeks for it to be delivered and then finally, the give somebody came, he quitted it off. I ratified for it. He left off in my garage because he wasn’t allowed to come into my house, and that was it is a huge box, vast ponderous reflect.

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So I was like. Let me just leave it alone until I can have individual come over and cure me unbox. It and introducing it into my house so then, one day my mummy came over and I was like hey: can you facilitate me unbox this reflect? Well, when we unbox the reflect, I’ll, just let you watch so my reflect for my wardrobe was delivered. The other date it’s from impressions pride, I’m super agitated. Hopefully it is going to work Music, any hardware that announces back yeah. I simply “ve seen how” gently we laid that down and it was already whatever was in. There was already like that rattling around when we tilted it, so we’re just gon na stop and open it right here and see what’s up you can see everywhere, all over the box. It says fragile, delight manage of care, but does it look like this box was handled with care? Look at his container, I haven’t even touched it and the whole box is falling. Apart, looks like he ,’ s been thrown around got puncture faults in it. Classic is all ripped off big-hearted age-old puncture gap. Right now looks a lot like it :’ s coming apart down now, looks like they literally with propelling around because as far as I’m concerned, it shouldn’t be any assembly, so there shouldn’t be any off-color parts in there. It should be all one thing sounds like broken glass, but I hope it’s. Not this is a damn mess a mess. I want to cry alright, so waited about this. First of all, the shipping and everything was a mess. So I was a lot of back and forth to even get this delivered in the first place, and now it’s finally here and it’s completely destroyed and is not simply bad better, but with substance like this, I’ve had its own experience before they Don’t want to take this back as a return. They don’t want to take it off your hands. No junkyard wants to take it and no redemption you can’t get rid of material like this. Buddy wants to take it from you. You’re gon na have to pay someone to haul it off it.’s, like someone mounted in the middle of the parcel. It’s registering right here. Notions, ego y 39. All owe me some coin for my for my rebate, but likewise for my aching and suffer and figuring out how to cuz. This is a big heavy mirror. This isn’t something that I can only apply next to my dumpster for the scum soldier to pick it look at this Wow. It’s just even more annoying, because that has such bad suffers with coming material. Like I’m sorry, I know sending people have a hard job or whatever, and I don’t wan na make it seem like I’m generalizing, but almost everything that our say looks like it has been manhandled it.’s broken chipped damaged , not handled with care , not extradited properly it’s like they’re, time hurling the boxes in the case, propelling them on your breast pace and almost everything that I lineup is broken in some way. I know you guys have witnessed Target stuff was broken. The reflects in my bathroom my light up mirrors in the bathroom one of those was chips. My dining room table was damaged, lose almost everything that I sought, except for in stuff, that I’ve got from Restoration Hardware, which is top top dollar. That stuff has been handled with care, but any other regular non comfort accumulation. I’ve had everything break free , not nearly as bad as this. In the past it’s , not even chips , not even cracked busted destroyed, looks like some. I did this on purpose anyway. Let me figure this out. As you can see, the reflect was completely destroyed. I symbolize there’s , no deposit that was destroyed and from looking at how like the box gazed and how it was dented up. It literally looked like somebody had taken their big-hearted aged study, boot and stomped on it. Like I, don’t understand another way how this type of damage can be done to something when it clearly says fragile it’s like you, had one profession but mmm. So, needle to say, I was extremely disappointed, but not only just saddened about the facts of the case that, like the mirror is broken, I’m , not gon na, is the possibility of employed it up right off, like I pondered I’m gon na have to go through this Whole process of doing a you know getting a new one or going a refund, and then they’re gon na have to ship it again. I’m gon na sitting up here. You is a well-known fact that entire thing, but what am I gon na do with the ruin mirror, because you can’t simply articulated a beings heap of undermined glass out on the side of your curbing for the scum humanity to pick it up. That is a liability. They is not pick that up, so I knew it was about to be a hassle, and I knew it was about to cost me so coin simply to get rid of the breach one. Meanwhile, I’m contacting marks ego and I know I’m going on a entire tirade right now, but I’m very upset about this and I’m still upset about it to this day because sentiment you the mirror was delivered on. May I want to say, like may think like something like that I opened it on May 8th. It is now, as I’m, recording this June 8th, so it has been an entire month and do I have my mirror? No, I is not do. I have a payed. No, I is not do. I have compensation for the fact that I had to pay someone to come and remove the broken one. No, I do not so I am very vexed. I’m pretty upset. I’m very disappointed with thoughts. Manatee because, like I said, I had had a good experience with them before I examine parties succession from them all the time. Didn’t think it was gon na be a problem and it turned out to be a huge hassle. So I literally had to pay someone to come and pick up the burst one and take it to a proper dumping equipment. The drop I don’t know where they took it on top of the cost of the mirror, and I merely haven’t been able to get in touch with impressions arrogance. They are very spotty with rebutting their emails. They say on their website that they are always. You know, asking emails and trash like that, but they not rebutting my emails. They not reacting my DMS, I’m now out over 2000. This is the house ins of dollars. We’re talking about all together and I have nothing to show for it. So if I’m not able to rectify the situation within, I don’t know what other reflect. I can even tell, because I patronized around so much and I should not investigate any other options so if you guys find any really cute or same light up mirrors sitting outside my action, let you no help you girl out moving on to actual revises around the House I speculated I was gon na – be able to show you all that, but anyway little informs around the house is that I did kind of Juche up the laundry room, a tiny bit there’s still a lot of work to be be done in order to the laundry Room but I became in there and I finished making bujji’s cat tree. Eventually, the cat discus is in this little slot that originally was supposed to have a refrigerator like a neat glass breast refrigerator. That was like my dream to have, but then I get bougie and I was like okay, I’ll only use this gap for bougie. It’s. Okay, I don’t really need another refrigerator, but I have never finished a construct or computing the last little piece to his “cat-o-nine-tail” tree. So I croaked ahead and do that and then, since home goods and substance is now finally open. I took a little trip to home goods. I was so excited to lastly be able to like go back shopping in store, but frankly they didn’t have anything it was like wiped clean already like beings. I suspect everyone was itching to go. So everything was sold out, but the one thing that I did find was this is a really cute cat treat jar. So I disappeared onward and crowd that up performed that look all cute and, as “youre seeing”, bougie be trying to rip open the treat baggages and break into them. So this is now boo. She’s apartment honestly as well as chilling on top of the washer and dryer. I have my paint from my previous vlog. It’s been a process with this painting. As you guys know, I tried the fluid art make-up it. Wasn’t that big-hearted disappoint. If you didn’t see that video go check out that video and then I tried to redo the fluid art, also an epic fail. So then, I time ceased up going crazy on the canvas and doing this kind of like scratchy clean. We abstract artistry like totally different vibe, and I even supplemented a little bit more. I conclude a little bit more black to it since last hour that you guys ascertained it, and I think this drawing is cool. I’m reasonably fortunate with the outcome, but regrettably, when I return it into my house, it just did not fit it. Didn’t fit. I was intending to put it over here in the front room and when I draw it in here I was like mm: hmm , no, it’s a nice paint, but it only doesn’t fit the apartment. So then I raised it in the laundry room no test the dyes various kinds of paired like the jug mood. Gray pairs the cabinets in the laundry room. So I have this big empty wall here. Perhaps I’ll precisely end up putting it in now. I don’t know, but I’m not sure this is right, because I actually am working on designing two things number 1 a entire built in tabletop situation for the laundry room. I will place some videos here are some inspiration, photographs of what I’m talking about. I really require this other side of my laundry room to look as nice as the other side that has all the cabinets and stuff. So I think it would be nice to have like a delightful tabletop built in thing, and then I can even like build in a little custom, litter container cubby for bujji, so that the litter chest is not just like an eyesore, maybe add even shelving and cabinetry. Above as well, but I’m not sure so, if I don’t do the cabinetry, then maybe I’ll threw my artwork up there, but we just have to see I’m still in the design process of this, so that’s gon Na be a while, before all that, it’s done, but I’m also in the design process of a mudroom. It’s not a mudroom, because it’s not a chamber. It’s gon na, be in my hallway, but like what is it even announced? I frankly don’t know here’s some info envisions right outside of my laundry room. I want to do something like this, where you have your cubbies for your shoes or your boards, you have your hook, so you can hang your pocketbook and your hair, and this is just kind of like the ground pad when you come in from the garage you Drop all your nonsense down and then it various kinds of like joins the vibe of what’s going on in the laundry room. You know merely you know more functionality, administration functionality. So those are things that I am working on designing but yeah. We have a lot of work to do with that. It’s gon na, be a custom build both of them. So I’m gon na have to find a carpenter and all this nonsense, so we’re not there yet other little tiny inform is that I finally got my second row of buckets from Ikea for the ship office, so I started onward and invested those That was just kind of like the last little finishing touch that I was waiting to be delivered and I’m super happy with it. I think this is a great organization feature to have in there for all of my you know: writes, pencils, paintbrushes and all that trash, and now I’m able to be disposed of the junky inspecting random flasks and goblets that I was expend for for and It’s, just a delightful clean, examination again there’s still more material that I feel like I can add to the craft room. I’m just not quite sure what more, but there will probably be another craft room update at some target and then I’m. Moving on to the playroom, I did rearrange Zayas playroom a tiny bit predominantly because we were getting ready to threw the chalkboard in and if you have not seen the entire DIY video that I did for be chalkboard. I made you guys, step by step on how we did at this usage magnetic 6 hoof by 5 paw chalkboard in her playroom. So, in order to better to prep for that I had to kind of move stuff around, but in the process I has recognized that her little pink kitchen, that was over there actually kind of fit the little area next to the house perfectly and kind of initiated, like an extension Of the house, if you are able to so I pointed up kind of simply styling that area I had an old-time reflect from before that I ran onward and attached up there and time various kinds of like expanding the whole play house play kitchen vibe into that reces, because that Corner only wasn’t exercised before, and so then it opened up the whole other wall so that the chalkboard could kind of precisely be the starring of the establish on the other wall as well as I did lastly put together her little IKEA babies table. I’ve had this table sitting here for a while, precisely never framed it together. Ultimately set this together. Unfortunately, I feel like SIA is about to grow out of this counter previously, like she’s getting so tall that she’s, gon na, be like a regular sized table pretty soon for any type of like select or spacecrafts that she wishes to do. But this IKEA table was super cheap. I’ll keep it for now, but candidly, I’m, probably gon na end up switching it out. I did decide to keep the see lettuce chairs, though, and I make, as of right now, I’m, going to keep the pink and spate green color scheme, along with the white-hot black gray natural styles at first. I was just thinking that I would just do like a totally various kinds of neutral, intelligent palette for the playroom, because it’s not a closed off space. It’s. The first thing you see when you walk up the stairs, so I was like it should be cute. It should kind of pair, like the vibes in my home, but then I was like you know it is a playroom, so I feel like it should have some emblazon to it and it should be a little bit more fun. So I decided to keep the pink and the spate green in there. I even considered that I should do like an accent wall either behind the chalkboard or behind the members of this house of maybe like some patterned wallpaper or like paint the wall like pink or me. I don’t know I don’t know yet I don’t know you know how it with accent. Walls, I haven’t had the best luck with accent wall, so I don’t want to rush into anything, but I have decided to let the playroom have a little bit of shade, because it is a playroom and then one last random thing that I Did in there the carpet that the Playhouse was sitting on was bothering me. I ever had this idea to time chip around it, but then I was like. Is that a good suggestion, or is that stupid? But I only get ahead: a yo load it and I exited ahead and did it because the intention was for the inside of the Playhouse to like be carpeted and likewise have something to sit on. So it’s just not shambling up the actual carpet. But when I bought this little cheap rug from Walmart, I overestimated the size and the carpet terminated up being too big and like poking out of the Playhouse, and that just always riled me like the nature that that inspected it only looked a little busy with, like The other real rug in the office and then the carpet and then that rug and then I don’t know I precisely didn’t like it. So I grabbed myself an exacto knife and a paper scissors and I really started chipping around like the border of the house, merely to various kinds of mimic the effect of the house being carpeted. But you can’t see it from the outside and it actually turned out pretty well, I didn’t have any problems with it and it’s pretty easy to cut through again. This was just a super cheap little carpeting from Walmart anyway. So I’m , not you know: didn’t have to take a big risk with it and it turned out pretty good. I think it gazes much more precisely clean from the outside. Now I am considering swapping out the pink carpet that’s in there. I don’t know I’m , not sure yeah. I’m still kind of confused with my colour palette and the whole vibe of the office. I know I want to add curtains. I know I need some bookshelves for all her books. I’m. Precisely having trouble finding what I’m looking for, because I’m likewise having a lot of trouble acquire revelation envisions, so I’m kind of making it up off the priorities in my chief and that can be a little bit hard. Okay, so I know that all those updates were like really small, except in cases of the chalkboard, which you guys have already seen in the other video, but really with the pandemic and everything I’ve been. You know not focused on decorating my house not really been able to go shopping in store, having trouble, plainly with telling substance and having tough luck. So I precisely haven’t made too much progress over the past several months, but one thing that I did make progress with, and one thing that I am evoked and proud of isn’t actually this newborn right here, this depict that is behind me. I lastly certainly made a pain that I like that I actually have hung up in my home. After all this, my original intent with all the paints that I’ve been trying is to fill up this empty wall in my dining domain, right here behind me and also the evacuate wall over in my living room at least get one of those smudges filled Up so I was determined, so I went to Michael’s and I bought the most important one canvas that they sell, and then I was super motivated by this YouTube. Video that I came across of this girl. Creating a really nice textured canvas expending spackle, and I was like, oh my god that is so smart, because I’ve been trying to come composition working acrylic colour alone and the first time I did it. The coat merely crumbled or cracked and it was a mess and the second time I did it it simply wasn’t giving me the result that I craved. I was like she is so smart spackle. So then I got the spackle got the canvas, and then I had some matte white-hot dye and some matte black paint cuz. I decided for this one. I need to keep it simple, white and black horrible. I’m not doing all the grays in the mixing and the golds and the present working. No. I demanded something super simple, super negligible and abstract, and these were my inspiration photos. These are from you guessed it Restoration Hardware where I get all of my primary home in spoke from, I love looking at their online lists. They time have the most beautiful epitomes on their online lists of ahadees stylized areas with different vibes and different colour scheme. I intend not really a lot of different color schemes, because chiefly all their stuff is neutral, which is why I like them, but each time I watch their catalogue, the government has these super minimum, synopsi decorates in them and like that is the vibe that I need for My live, if the fluid painting pour colour , no, we gon na do something totally different. I went to work first with the spackle, so I bought the little spackle scraper thingie and everything and basically I precisely extended onward and scoop them out and started time spreading it across the campus purposefully trying to make it lumpy and purposefully trying to kind of create. Like cables and just like get that like thick-witted quality to it, super random , no rhyme or reason to it, but just trying to get like an overall texture all over the whole entire canvas to kind of leave it the effect of like when you construe like an Oil painting or any sort of like really nice professional paint a lot of seasons it has like that dense colour look to it and so that’s kind of the vibe that I was trying to get now. This spackle was kind of like a tan colouring. It didn’t dry, white or anything. I believed they do perform speckled that cools white, but I was happy with this because I didn’t want the background of my illustration to just be like stark white. I didn’t want it to time looks just like a beings case of printer newspaper. I didn’t want it to be too flat. When you look at my in school images, it has texture, it has depth, it has slightly different changes of greys. Like you know so, because I wanted to imitative that quality and that depth, I was happy with the fact that the spackle was actually kind of a beige complexion and then, when I got my matte white paint, I actually mingled in a little bit of tusk cover. Really to kind of make it not so radiant white-hot and then I various kinds of loosely like softly painted over the spackle formerly it was completely dry with my little combine of the colour. So it “ve given me” a lily-white background, but not like super solid super luminou white. So I was super glad with how this first kind of step turned out, but then came the hardest, which was the pitch-black brushstrokes, and so I compiled a whole bunch of inspiration, photos of different forms of brushstrokes. You can make it really swirly actually circular, truly straight really like linear and it nearly looks like tree branches and I decided to kind of go for a mix of everything, just something super random and super synopsi. More so like the Restoration Hardware picture, and so then I made this huge paintbrush dipped it in the matte pitch-black cover and literally just like. I was so scared. I was gon na like make it look ugly and actually I did kind of mess up. I kept some apoplexies on there that I didn’t really like that kind of exactly looked out of place, and so I terminated up letting it cool and spackling over it to cover it up and depict over it with the white-hot. So it’s actually reasonably easy to like deposit any mistakes or simply kind of go back and layer it up and just make it look sizzling when it it to look. So this is actually a particularly forgiving mode of artwork. You really can’t mess. It up because everything is so random, so synopsi you can layer it up. You can coat over if you messed up. So if you guys, like this style of prowes, actually do recommend that you try it it’s really not hard-handed at on. I think it sacrifice a extremely like delightful, like, like I don’t, know how to explain it. I feel like it, doesn’t really examine DIY like it genuinely looks like the real thing it looks like this could expense thousands of dollars in a gallery myself. The one thing that I think is missing and then I think would position it off and I’ve been saying this about all my decorates is, if I could introduce a make on it, the ones from Restoration Hardware have like a thin pitch-black frame on it. Some of them have gold makes. I visualize I would place like a black chassis on now, but that would be another custom element that I would have to either figure out how to do the framing myself or pay for it to be chassis and that’s gon na be super expensive. So that’s a entire nother thing that I still need to revisit. I do think that that would really like only you know clean it up, though, but even besides that I’m really happy with how it turned out. It is the exact like vibe that I craved, and I think it looks really same to the Restoration Hardware one, and even if I decide that I various kinds of just wanted to whoosh it up down the line, I can always like layer it up and add more to It or make more away so I’m really happy with this style of skill. I review I will struggle another one or like the similar one for the other area in my front room, that’s still urgently needs something on the wall, but yeah people that’s it. I know I didn’t really have like too many super large-hearted, exciting updates for this video, but just like, I said, with the pandemic and everything things have been slowed down, but that is the progress that I was able to compile. I still wanted to share it with you guys, of course, I have so much more contrived, like I said, with the laundry room, the mud room, I have to do my landscaping outside my whole backyard. Vibe I have just so much to do is actually kind of overwhelming, but that just means that there’s gon na, be more episodes for you guys to watch. So I hope you guys are enjoying this series if you are make sure to give this video a thumbs up subscribe if you haven’t already so you don’t miss the next update, and I will see you guys in my next one bye,.

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