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Chanting For Our Mothers

 Dharma’s teachings of Jinbodhi’s thinking are recommended to our mother. Have you ever spent a week in your life raising your awareness level and getting to know yourself and the world, regardless of age? Maybe in school, most people believe that when they focus on it, it’s a sacrifice and a sacrifice. We are busy all our lives. Students are busy, and people in their 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, and 60s are busy too. Or people in the 70s. Everyone is working. But then we come to the moment of death and we notice what we work for. I do not know why I live in so much suffering. Therefore, it is necessary to clarify what is really important and meaningful so as not to waste time on meaningless activities. Some people want to be rich, but blind effort doesn’t make a lot of money, so the more effort you put in, the worse it can be. It is advisable to take a break to upgrade or re-evaluate your stock. You have to stop living your active life, calm down, stay calm, think, and then focus again. When you get back into the stadium, you can see what’s important. I saw children playing video games. The designers of those games are very clever: they create a lot of nonsense to distract you from your main objective. These little things consume your energy, troops, and waste time. This alien game focuses on several important battles. However, few skills can fight anywhere and even get points or lose. It is very beneficial to take time to concentrate, calm down, and meditate. Some people come here because of friends, but there is no need to meditate. They don’t care. But for self-employed farmers, this opportunity for meditation is very important. In my experience, 7 days meditation can change your life.

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