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Basics of ART THERAPY and ABSTRACT ART // Exercise 1

Hi! my name is Anja. Thank you somuch for checking out this video. This is going to be a very basic tutorial to get youstarted with abstract art. And also to start with your art therapy. If you feellike you want to doodle something but you have some kind of something thatblocks you. Or if you’re a bit intimidated by the white page. Here we go! Let’s startwith the materials that you will need. I have gathered here just a fewexamples but you can take anything.Like seriously anything you have at home! So for example if you have very limited resources at home at this pointof time we can do this: take a ball pen blue bowl pan or a normal pencil. Like Ihave here just a very very simple basic pencil. Black marker, it can be anykind of marker any color. And I have for example like thishighlighter pen that I got for my job. Just three different things. Basically you can use just this actually because it has three differentcolors.Also you will need some paper. You can take any type of paper. You can take paper like this. It’s totally fine. It’s a little bit better if it doesn’t haveany lines or anything like that. But if you don’t have that, take this it’s fine too. So let’s draw! I will draw it in digital just because it’s much easier to film and to show you. But imagine those things I’m doing are on actual paper. So let’s say I’m going to do it today with this thin thin normal pencil and this isblack marker and I’m gonna use this pink highlighter because I love pink. As youcan see. Now think about some sound. Some sound that you like. Some very pleasant sound.

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For example when I do this I automatically think about my son laughing. So take the sound that you enjoy. It could be a song, some music.It could be any kind of sound that you enjoy. Think about the sound and determinewhich one of those three tools that passes the best to it. Let’s say my sonlaughing maybe I would take pencil. I don’t know why, it just feels great. Now we’re gonna determine some form about it. Form can be anything, it can be lines, dots it can be round circle, it can be like a wobble.It can be anything, so just close your eyes listen to the sound inside of your headand think which shape passes the best to that sound.My favorite sound as I said before was sound of my son laughing. And when I close my eyes and rememberhis laugh I try to come up with some shape that passes the best for it. For some reason the shape that is staying in my brain is this kind of shape. Kind of anexploding plump. And not only that, but it feels like I want to have theselines coming from the center like this. I don’t know, like it’s growing outwards. But at the same time I want you to understand that a shape can be like circle, triangle, square and all of those typical shapes. But it’s not onlythose I’m meaning now when I’m talking about this I also mean thatmaybe your shape is gonna be just lines.A group of lines like that or maybelines like that. Or maybe it’s gonna be like a few shapes together. Like a the few circlestogether for example. or what maybe it’s going to be like a very specific thinglike and I like a schematic I for example that would be it also could bedots that’s just fucking dots maybe can be anything anything that comes to mindor like a simple shape like just you know what else oh just some shape likethat could also work so then you can think like do you wantmaybe fill it up with a color you know or maybe not where maybe you want tohave that shape having some other shapes insideso those neons like those things this is this is exactly what where this is goingI want you to close your eyes reconnect to that sound your favorite sound andtry to get out some kind of visual presentation to what you feel when youthink about that pleasant sound my sound again is this this kind of flower likeexplosive shape and that that represents to meit represents my son laughing now let’s go to smell think about somesmell that you enjoy for me I would say that it’s like apple piecooking in the stove that’s that excited a real cozy small in house and we do thesame thing which which the stuff passes best for example I don’t think of thispink highlighter in the best and which shape do you feel like it has maybe ithas some like lines in it or maybe it has some kind of doodle in it sodetermine which shape you feel about that smell amazing that I have thatapple pie acidity Melvin and how it smells so I feel like this we be lotsmore person thing that smell to me and again that’s my presentation yourpresentation of your shape can be anything it can be you know some kind ofsymbol it can be some kind of form random form or it can be just done likea group of shame or some lines like can be anything close your eyes and try tofeel that smell and that is representation of this smell and thenwe’re gonna do the same with the taste so think about some taste that you enjoya lot this is a hard one I think I like passion fruit taste a lot and well now Ihave just the marker laughter I’m gonna use marker for it and we’re gonnadetermine some shape which passes very well with that taste close your eyesdidn’t let taste and think which shape really goes on well with favorite tasteof yours my favorite taste is passion fruit at the moment when I think aboutmy favorite taste I think about passion fruit in a secretary sour mmmit has this great aroma to it and also it has this seeds for me kind ofrepresents is that with current she sees in their passion for it so it’s justjust a good bunch of of those black seeds that’s my presentation of passionhurt now we have three shapes we’ll startfilling up the paper that you have with those three shapesfirst we will divide it in three pieces for it three areas and you can divide ityou know we can divide it like this 1 2 3 you know three areas or you can divideit a nice steady you can away maybe with the body like this for example and youknow one two three or maybe you want to divide it in some more exotic white likelike that maybe I don’t know this is 1 this is 2 and you know all this aroundall these other stuff around here is 3 so again just fill your inner guts whatthey tell you and divide your piece of paper in some cool way so maybe I was ifI might be so paper like that and like this so that’s my area number one I readabout you in area number three now in the area number one I am going to fillup sound and every number two I will fill it up with my presentation of myfavorite smell Allah wait smell any number three I will put up with myfavorite taste areas and I will start with my pencil it was like this kind ofclumpy shape with lines going out of it okay so I can do in any kind of sciencethey’re very tiny like this like dude like very very very feel it fit on mypaper is like out there’s that we’re out of my paper and even they did they didanything that’s smaller than appearing funvery very little I don’t know but I could do all of them very big oh so youknow I was like you could have also feel for it like do you feel passes here whatare you feel more comfortable with what is more fun to you how do you see thisright so I filled out this area with my favorite sounds we go to the next areaand that one is my favorite smells and as you remembered I feel like myfavorite smell is just this like a wavy line I see the way you lines filling upthe room so I feel like this the cool just fill up like this somaybe like that maybe I could fill it up so you know in some other direction likethis or like random one like that one like this you know heats up to you howdo you feel how do you feel your favorite smell filling up that area ofyour paper now I’ll continue here with my every number three which is make meevery taste and my favorite taste was passionfruit and I had black markerrepresenting it and the next marker is about this size and my favorite smellpassion for a taste of passion for it was represented by this kind of dotswhich came to me they stand before those seats inside of passionfruit so I can Ifeel like I won’t just have like this groups of them here’s a group and thenmaybe we’ll have a group which is like much bigger here third it’s big therapyit’s like medium sized big maybe so and here dad maybe even bigger so this isthe result this is my first page and the result looks something like this Ialready like it I think it’s just fun now let’s take paper number two and herewe will make a salad of things we’ll just mix all the different shapestogether so do a few of sound shapes first add a little bit of the tasteshapes and top it up with a smell my favorite sound was represented by thisflower like kind of exploding shape with lines going out like that and I want tojust have a few of those here and you know your shapes of needs to have alwaysthey need to always look the same they just kind of need to be in the samefamily or shaped okay just gonna have every time trying to find a new shapemaybe in a way reusing the same idea of it now I’m making a few of my favoritesound shapes so and one last one and I love yourselfmaking mistakes or I don’t know things that feel wrong first but that pneumosame time that actually works now I will take don’t think about my favorite myfavorite smell which is that will buy at so I’m gonna add those baby lights hereand they are just gonna go around I don’t know just in two different ways goand go there yes make at the end and how that’s not isn’t it favorite taste whichis passion fruit and I’ll take it like the end and my passion for what Irepresent and it’s like dots which stand for the scenes in the passion fruit andthey’re a group together so I eat them in different places like that eitherit’s smaller so I like the section of you a lot it I think it’s pretty prettycute um here is my second is my draw number two and this is my drawing numberone these are the same shapes and growing a potato and drove me number onecome on I hope you had fun doing your drawings if you did something and youenjoy your result you want to share please feel free to comment it down herebelow or send me a private message here or an Instagram would be great to have aconversation going and please give me a feedback what was good about thistutorial it was not so good about this tutorial what do you think would be goodto discuss next time check out my profile I will be adding tutorials likethis every week and next time we are going to do our negative tastes andsmells and senses so we connect a lot of positive sensors now and then we willconnect with our negative sense and then we will do all different tweaks andtricks and see where all the different shapes and colors and experiences cantake it and from there we will build the basic vocabulary of tools and materialssurrounding us and how we can use them to create and express ourselves you knowdifferent kind of ways see you next time bye bye