Arya Keshma Teaching – Tibetan/English 9 / 11

 Two Praises of Life There is a wealth of information about the life and liberation of Karmapa Mikyodolje 8, which he wrote himself. Among them, the book contains two praises he has written about himself, the poetry of life written by Karmapa Mikyo Dorje entitled “Good Deeds” and the praise “He researches very well …”. This is me. Good deeds describe his life by mentioning his good deeds33. At that time, it was one of the mainstays of the Dappokagu movement, and it is one of its highest historical works. There is a comment from Sangye Paldrup. The compliment “He’s really researching …” teaches nine things about his life. It was included in the prayer book prepared by Situ Panchen Chökyi Jungune, with detail in Pawo Tsuglak Trengwa Dharma History: A Feast for the Learners. The ebook version of these two texts was created for Arya Kshema’s Summer Dharma 2021 teachings for Galwan Karmapa’s 17 teachings of these two texts.