Art8 – Newquay Arts& Festival is now in plan for it’s 6th fete and it is set to be bigger and better for 2017. From photography to theatre, pottery to film, puppetry to bop, poetry to craft – and everything in between – Art8 hopes something for everybody. It’s a community festival that lookings to involve citizens, visitors, businesses and local organisations – a stupendous occasion to celebrate and showcase the cultural and aesthetic work once taking place in and around Newquay as well as bring back masters and performers or commissioning new work..For four jam-packed daylights we will have a range of activities and occasions happening across the town for you to watch, read, listen, experience … be inspired, challenged or motivated by … and a slew of opportunities to take part. Our positive and inexpensive approach is to match regional venues with craftsmen and performers, and we have already had numerous jobs offering to host shops, happenings and exhibits and we have also signed up dance groups, neighbourhood artists, musicians and others scheduling their contribution. This approach impedes costs and organisation to a minimum and recognises and promotes the arts and cultural activity happening in Newquay and its encircle villages. Under the banner of Art8, whilst the gala is that the flagship of the year, we gaze to sell added aesthetic and cultural activity throughout the year, predominantly by offering our services to publicise and have interaction parties with upcoming events. The planning radical includes local masters, business people and beings with considerable suffer in the arts and project and fete management.