purple sundown sky with fluffy clouds

art 5 /panting 1

birds flying in blue sky in daylight
Photo by Harry Cooke on Pexels.com

Leonardo da Vinci mentions a camera made by a dark cave on the edge of a valley. The hole in the cave wall serves as a camera, displaying images that rotate horizontally onto the paper. Renaissance designers used camera obscura. It actually provides a visual interpretation with the colors that dominate Western art. A box with a small hole on one side that allows a specific light source to enter and process an image that is rotated on a display screen or paper. The birth of photography is related to the invention of the method of capturing and storing images produced by camera obscura. Albertus Magnus (1193-1280) discovered silver nitrate [21], Georg Fabrikius (1516-1571) discovered silver chloride [22], and the technology described in Ibn al-Hysam’s Modern Optical Book. [23] [24] Daniele Barbaro described the diaphragm in 1566. [25] Wilhelm Homberg explained in 1694 how light darkens certain chemicals (chemical effect). [26] Gifanti’s fictional novel, published by French writer Tifine de la Roche in 1760, depicts what can be interpreted as an image.

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