foamy blue sea with powerful waves

art 3/ Photography

blooming rural fields in summer
Photo by Maria Orlova on

Photography is the art, use and practice of how to create strong images by taking a picture with a computer using a sensor or by taking a light sensor using a simple sensor like a photographic film. He works in many fields of science, production (e.g. G. , photolithography) and direct business use, as well as the production of art, film and video products, for entertainment, leisure and social media purposes. [1] Typically, a lens is used to focus real-time light on the inside of a camera during a moment’s exposure to bright or emitting light. An electronic image sensor is used, extracts an electronic charge per pixel, which is processed electronically and stored in a digital image file for display or editing. The effect obtained as a result of a photoemulsion is an invisible hidden image, and the “chemical” image becomes a visual, negative or positive image depending on the object of the photographic object and the processing process. A negative image in a film is traditionally used to create a good image on a paper base using a photo enlargement tool or by printing contacts.

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