delicate cherry blossoms on twigs under blue sky


foamy blue sea with powerful waves
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Prior to modern times, Western art had many meanings to achieve different aspects of reality or reality with nature, resulting in a perfect balance between goals. The pattern of how uniformity changes has changed over the centuries. This concern is rarely found in other art fiction. The mathematician John Ruskin defended what he “saw” as the letter J of the natural order. M。 Arrival. Turner defines the power of technology as communication, which uses the ability to apply basic truths that exist only in nature. The concept and evaluation of art has been a unique issue since the 20th century. Richard Wollheim looked at the following three points to evaluate the importance of the hat. Honest. The quality of decoration is a definite number regardless of individual goals. Result. This is also a value proposition, but depends on the experience of humans as a whole. And the status quo. It is not an absolute value, it depends on the human experience of various people and changes accordingly.

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