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Abstract: The Art of Design | Paula Scher: Graphic Design | FULL EPISODE | Netflix

NETFLIX Documentary Originals “New York City)” I walk outside and see typography everywhere. New York City is a city of signage. All prices are negotiable Sometimes it’s handwritten things Mismatched Hangs in a strange way. One says to himself, “Oh God! Can I go up and reset that sign?” “It’s terrible.” How to put numbers on the doors. No two of them are the same on the way. All messages are different, and they are everywhere. Typography is drawing with words. This is the height of high for me. It’s cocaine to me. Graphic Design – (Paula Sher) Paula Sher, the goddess of graphic design. Her business is everywhere. “Paula” was able to invent Ways to make typography speak more than anyone else And to create a distinctive form of work with letters only. “(Pentagram)” When I go to work every day I feel like I’m guiding myself through a maze. – Hi. – How are you doing? look at this. A true book on printing. – Can you bring this to Courtney? – Yes. I sit face to face with my mates. My team is on the fourth floor. I have to go up and down the stairs to see them. I actually like it. I see moving it to a lower position. It’s very fast. You see something that looks like this. I solve problems on pieces of paper. Start with something. Being interrupted. – “Paula.” – Yeah? The district is wonderful. Love the way icons interact with that thing. Pentagram is a design collaborative. There is a great corporate benefit But each person is allowed to act as an independent individual. There is no boss.Just friends. Pentagram is a large group of the world’s most famous designers Who do the best work in the world. As if it were the dream team, and “Paula” is the indispensable player on that team. This is my favorite so far. We all have our own individual style and way of working. I couldn’t go into an office and sit in front of my office to do the design. I wouldn’t accomplish anything. I can sit at my desk to read my emails. I check the mail. A lot of trivial things. I get rid of it all and put some system on my desk Then I say to myself, “Oh my God! How am I going to solve this problem?” Then I go up the stairs And I go to the toilet, put on lipstick, and think of a solution. Love it this way.

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It’s too blurry. – Blurry, yeah.- Don’t you think so? Yes, I like that. Ideas can arise by working with my team. I see more than I would have if I had been doing it all alone. It is a wonderful thing. I think you should give the words girls and boys the same weight Except for the pointed things. Then you need to think about how the other print will intersect. Then we have to think about the color. We are making “Summer Festival” posters for “Public Theater”. They perform “Shakespeare” plays for free in Central Park every summer. So, it says here, for example, “(Taming the shrew) inside the park.” You don’t have to do all of that job with your full name. You’re just putting that in a certain shape. – That would be nice. – Yeah, it sounds so fun. So, give it a try. I have been designing for Public Theater since 1994. My first project was creating a theater character. Whenever they used me, they had a problem with the name. One of the difficulties at the time for public theater was that it had multiple personalities It was the “public theater” Some called it “(Joseph Papp) Public Theater.” Then there was Shakespeare in (Central Park). I wanted everything to look like one thing alone. As if he was breathing fully as an institution. It had to be popular. I knew he had to be “New York”, in the sense of being loud and proud. Archive (Paula Sher), (New York) I was browsing through one of my favorite books on American woodblock printing. I like the American woodcut because it is sturdy and has many shapes. On this page there were these “R” letters It refers to the thinnest shape or the widest shape. And I realized I could make the word “general” with the same kinds of weights It will symbolize all of “New York”. Every kind of weight was included in it. A character can be created for an entire place Based on people know what the print looks like. The work of “Paula” attracted people. They immediately recognized the “public theater”. It is a language that can be dissected, deconstructed, and then reassembled. This is one of the things that I find interesting about that. Printing can generate tremendous power. You work with things that generate personality. You work with weight. You are working with altitude. If you take the letter “e” The middle line was the same length as the ends of the letter “E”. It looks different than if the middle line was half the length of each side of the “E”. If you raised the middle line a little higher That will make the letter look like it was drawn in the 1930s. The same if you lower the middle line a little It will look fashionable. If the letters are heavy and bold, it may give you a feeling that it’s urgent. If the streak is thin and has a delicate shape, it may look classic. So that even before you read the script, you have sense and soul. And that if you collect that meaning That would be great. When I made the slogan “High Line” The goal was to make him appear closer to the railroad than to the letter “H”. So, if I took the weight that would make the line that represents the railroad And put two horizontal lines intersecting him It looks highly industrial. This completely changes the soul Without having to create any kind of explanatory narration. Salisbury, Connecticut I used to draw letters by hand when I was a young designer I miss it so badly. When we became fully computerized in the late 1990s I didn’t touch anything and did not use my hands. In the past, I used to cut and tear things, and stick things. I was touching technical equipment. That material loss was enormous for me, so I started painting. This is Utah. I intentionally started mapping Because it was taking so long to finish Very routine way In fact, that’s all that was gone. These dotted lines represent the distances between two points And the background is the postal code by region. It’s not realistic,