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🎨 Crazy Abstract Painting Techniques 🎨 (Experimentations)

Hello, everybody. My name is Peter, and I don’t only choose Truly this YouTube channel should be called Peter does whatever he misses The “draws” part it’s a misnomer. It’s a fallacy It’s just a accessible interesting thing. One term at some detail I was trying to come up with you know like my Nom de goo or whatever- it’s- is that the title french? my pen name- right? and actually I was just on like some internet hosting provider site typing things in over and over again…Seeing what web sites were available and I genuinely only prefer peter selects based on what domains were available. I signify I probably opt – I probably tried 50 interesting thing first you know like’ Doodle Art’ You know’ Art Adventures ‘,’ Cool Art Lines ‘,’ Peter Arts ‘,’ Peter is Pretty Cool ‘. You know I tried a lot of other things and eventually you are familiar with I craved something crispy and about art and Something that maybe had my name in it. It didn’t really matter, but it somehow.I settled on’ Peter Draws’ And I had peterdraws.com, and I don’t know that’s how it cultivated But sometimes I likewise paint as you can see here paint on a piece of lumber. I think it’s Beech? Bir- no birch. Beech is a kind of wood very, right? b-e-e-c-h? I think this is birch though 18 by 24 or perhaps 24 by 18 inches and I’m using acrylic coats now. I time went to the store, and I simply grabbed the three primary colour You use when you’re paint which I believe is red, off-color and yellow and then you can do what I like to call color math and combination them and Through throughout the process of this draw I prevented realizing that I hadn’t tried Combining certain ones of them hitherto like near the end. I was like huh, I haven’t done Actually I also consumed lily-white. I had like a little jug jug jug bottle a vinyl pitcher bottle of the black extremely, and I Realized you can you know I recognized I hadn’t done and “its like” the pink and lily-white exactly do some pink Maybe in a little bit hadn’t done any of the maroon and yellowish it gets a nice, orangey Flame flame colourings you know stuff like that.I get surprising myself with the new complexions I could come up with like oh, there’s purple. It was pretty exciting to me it was pretty fun, but Mostly, but principally I only had a great time Smushing paint around on this board, and I was really happy With how it turned out subsequentlies. I think it’s just recreation to sit there and look at it Not quite as fun as it was to compile maybe I’ll have to come back and look at it tomorrow I recall a lot of stuff like this you you look at it a different way While you’re making it because you realized it formation gradually as you were really close to it Than you do when you come back and look at it a little while later like the next day you realize different shapes and patterns And maybe one thing that look like it was poking out of the pump while you’re making it Come back the next day And it looks like it was and now that same part of it looks like it’s going into the outlining It’s kind of weird how that could happen at least when it’s a weird Formless mishmash of colourings and smushes like this like like I’m painting hopefully that doesn’t Maybe that happened was I’ve got to say I is hoped that the government hopefully it didn’t happen this you know you’re depict up face or something But maybe that is what happened with Picasso.You know like some of his faces look like they’re caved in and And maybe he didn’t intend for that to happen. He’s like’ Well, well parties appear to like the caved in faces. Precisely save shooting these out however I’m doing it .’ He probably knew what he was doing or maybe he had just maybe he had just Painted a buttload of paintings and gotten really good at it, and he probably enjoyed it the whole time, very So I’ll time you know that’s my that’s my conjecture. That’s my that’s how I think you should get better at things Keep I could I only want to keep doing attractiveness I think if I continue doing portrays I’ll deter better at those and I look forward to keep doing some restraining on doing some paintings and slowly getting better at doing these like I haven’t done Very countless illustrations. This article for some reason I do have like I had mentioned on Instagram.I do have a[ exhale] I hardly ever- don’t really title my makes, but I do have this weird urge To title my paints and this one I have titled’ Wood Covering Number Three’ because this is like, I think it’s the third largest I think it’s the third make-up I’ve done on wood recent in recent times if it’s not it doesn’t matter, but I like that abstraction because It’s it’s about the make-up and I reported you guys you guys get it. I don’t have to explain it You guys are smart. You are, you’re smart-alecky people Anyways, thanks for watching everyone. You’re all you’re all really cool And go out and try it. You don’t have to get fancy depicts acrylic coats are pretty cheap and easy to work with compared to like petroleums, that’s one of the the broad, that’s the That’s the appeal of them. They sell them to you know for like little kids to use and stuff Maybe know maybe some adolescents will lose like tempera coats. I don’t know what that is I met that at place when I was looking for the acrylic depicts, and I visualized I don’t know what that is I’m not going to buy it I probably should have had the opposite reaction I should probably foresaw I probably should have thought.I don’t know what that is I’m going to buy it or at least have experimented it is that the stuff made out of egg yolks? Isn’t there some kind of paint made out of egg yolks anyways get seizure you some cover. so you precisely need like three or four little you know red white amber, I imply red white yellow-bellied blue-blooded blacknes do black and blue with it and Slather it around have fun. There’s cheap make-ups out there. They’re like like 75 pennies a little bottle Get a get a piece of paper. They have acrylic paper Okay, squish it slather it try to paint something if you crave, or don’t paint something Alright. Goodbye everyone have a good day by- bye bye-bye bye-bye.