Arya Keshma Teaching – Tibetan/English 9 / 11

 Two Praises of Life There is a wealth of information about the life and liberation of Karmapa Mikyodolje 8, which he wrote himself. Among them, the book contains two praises he has written about himself, the poetry of life written by Karmapa Mikyo Dorje entitled “Good Deeds” and the praise “He researches very well …”. This […]

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Chanting For Our Mothers

 Dharma’s teachings of Jinbodhi’s thinking are recommended to our mother. Have you ever spent a week in your life raising your awareness level and getting to know yourself and the world, regardless of age? Maybe in school, most people believe that when they focus on it, it’s a sacrifice and a sacrifice. We are busy all our lives. […]

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foamy azure sea water surface

Ch 17 The Modern Art Movement in America

Welcome to chapter 17, the modern art movement in America, the modern art movement did not have an easy start in the u.s. modernist European design did not gain a foothold until the 1930s, as his billboard. Photograph by Walter Evans shows graphic design Americas during the 1920s and 1930s was dominated by traditional illustration, […]

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I grew up in Belle Plaine, Iowa — Hi, Sandy! — where I’m sitting now. There’s Mr. Hoske. And I live in Los Angeles. Steve Mangler. I’m an master. It was just always a innovative environment. My mom was really good about pushing artistry works on me. Sit down and use these watercolors because it’s […]

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Why is Modern Art so Bad?

“Mona Lisa,” “Peta,” “The Girl With Pearl Earrings.” For decades, artists have enriched Western society with their works of astonishing beauty. Night patrol The Thinker “Rocky mountains” Artist after artist, from Leonardo to Rumbarndt and Berstadt. They produced works that inspired, elevated and deepened us. They achieve this by requiring themselves to achieve the highest […]

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